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  1. I plan on getting my armor in the next 1-2 months and was wanting to look into joining this garrison since I spend a lot of time in and near Chattanooga (I live in NW Georgia 15 minutes from the TN state line). I also was hoping to get pointed in the right direction as far as my uniform is concerned. I have a place in mind, but wasn't sure of the best place to ask for advice. Thanks in advance and MTFBWY.
  2. Interested in joining the Mid-South Garrison

    I'm planning on ANH Stormtrooper armor to get started. I would like to go Death Trooper (since my tall build would support it) but the kits I've came across are few and they look like they take a lot of fabrication talent to get right. My question is has anybody heard of or dealt with Shepperton Design Studio in the UK aka original stormtrooper.com? It's ran by Andrew Ainsworth, the man who designed the original Stormtrooper helmet for Lucas back in the mid 70s. They are pricy but they look well done and sell a complete strapped kit which I need since my fabrication skills are limited. I also like the fact that the suits are also a commemorative collectable since they are made and signed by the original creator. Any thoughts? Thank you in advance.