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    Legion Member since 2010 with Alaskan Garrison, I enjoy sport fishing and Legion Patch collecting. I build a AP kit for my Stormtrooper for initial membership entry and fabricated my Tusken Raider in 2016
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  1. Visiting from Alaska December 17-28

    Representing on my travel jacket now !!
  2. Visiting from Alaska December 17-28

    Very Grateful for the hospitality, friendships made, and swag collected during my visit to the MidSouth territory. I'm back home in Alaska now and thinking about the terrific members I met this past 10 days and want to extend my appreciation and an open invitation to any members of the MidSouth to contact me if you ever travel to the Far North territory of the Alaskan Garrison. long live the empire! I will try and visit new members hopefully in the remaining 2 squads I wasn’t able to connect with during my stay this year. I will return to try and pry those patches from your fingers, which I’m missing, for my travel jacket.
  3. Visiting from Alaska December 17-28

    My time is winding down in TN … I have scheduled a lunch meet up with 2 members in Chattanooga tomorrow. I will be back in Nashville to fly out back to Alaska on Wednesday. thanks to everyone who reached out and tried to connect with me on this trip to the MidSouth. I’m still searching for a Music City Squad patch before I leave - hit me up before I get on that plane for North Pole. 907-388-4532
  4. Visiting from Alaska December 17-28

    Updated well I finally got my luggage - yay !! Took 5 days haha. I was able to meet up with Alex with Mos Nooga Squad the other day in Chattanooga. Great visit and Alex and I were able to trade unit patches. Very grateful to you Alex !! I’m headed North tomorrow for Nashville to see the Titans vs 49ers game at Nissan Stadium. Meeting up with Marcus on the way up for lunch in Franklin. If anyone wants to stop by at lunch more than welcome too - I’m hunting for a Music City Squad member for a unit patch fit my jacket. I have lots of swag to trade. I will be at Bar-B-Cutie in Franklin TN from about 1130 until 1230 for lunch with Marcus - extending an invite to anyone wanting to join and special gifts for anyone who might be able to let me pry a music city squad patch from their fingers. I will be available in Nashville area before the game or at the Stadium during the game, once I’m on my way again from Franklin TN 907-388-4532 mobile let’s connect - Alaskan Garrison gifts for those who want to meet up
  5. Visiting from Alaska December 17-28

    I’m here in the MidSouth - let’s connect 907-388-4532 Airlines lost my bag - no problem I had all my swag in a backpack with me hope to meet some members this week
  6. Visiting from Alaska December 17-28

    On my way today - layover in Seattle now. I’ll be arriving in Chattanooga early tonight. I have plans to meet one member in Nashville on the 23rd December - I’m in Nashville for the football game Titans vs 49ers on the 23rd. I’ll be driving up from Chattanooga and can make a stop early in the day? please don’t hesitate to contact me voice or text 907-388-4532 I have patches and a couple coins would enjoy adding some unit patches on my jacket from any meet ups.
  7. Visiting from Alaska December 17-28

    I appreciate the replies and will certainly reach out as I get closer to the visit. I can always be reached by the number in the original post - see you guys in December!
  8. Hello MidSouth members - I tried this 3 years ago and had zero response - but I’m trying again. My brother and mom live in Chattanooga area, I’m interested in meeting members and will have gifts and trades of unit swag. Avid patch trader and collector here. coming from North Pole, Alaska and member of the Alaskan Garrison. I willing to try and travel to meet up Knoxville, Nashville, Chattanooga… wherever some one or two or three are at. let me know if you want to meet up? Thanks to anyone who might have time. Dennis Musgraves ID 9234 907-388-4532 voice/text
  9. Visiting Chattanooga 5-15 May

    Hello again - I will be in the Chattanooga area visiting family from 5 to 15 May. would like to meet and trade patches with members in the area. My email contact tk9234@live.com Or find me on FaceBook - hope to meet up and swap some swag! Dennis Musgraves DZ9234 Alaskan Garrison 907-388-4532 Mobile
  10. 501st Member? Missing forum access? Post here!

    Hello - Alaskan Garrison member requesting 501st access - my Legion ID is in my profile. Thanks in advance TKID 9234
  11. Greetings from Alaska!

    Thanks for the welcome note - -25 F this morning here in Alaska - make sure you bring a Wampa!
  12. Greetings from Alaska!

    Hello - thanks for adding me - I am Legion Member 9234 with Alaskan Garrison. I’m interested in meeting members with MidSouth Garrison and trading unit logo patches. Please contact me if any members would like to trade patches. I am looking for squad patches to complete my set. I will have a look around and certainly if anyone has any questions about Alaska I may be able to answer.