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    Seeking to join the 501st - Started in KS but we are back in Nashville
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  1. Race Shirt Thread

    Oh, haha, thank you again Sent from my VS990 using Tapatalk
  2. Race Shirt Thread

    It was resolved this afternoon, thank you Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. Race Shirt Thread

    Can someone tell me where the Race Shirt Thread is for those who are wishing to order prior to October 18, 2018?
  4. Can anyone tell me why I can't reply to messages on any of the boards? Scott
  5. Robbie,


    I can't seem to access the google doc for the ICCC.  I wanted to see who was bringing what so I knew what to wear.





  6. Hi There! My name is Scott and I moved back to Nashville back in February. It took us some time to get settled and get my costumes received (was burned far too many times to count). I currently have my Tie Fighter Costume ready to submit along with my Gunner costume. Are any members of the garrison located near downtown Nashville? I am having trouble seeing the calendar information to know what events are going on in the area. I would like to assisting with events so I can start getting involved. Please friend me on facebook: http://www.facbook.com/onescoop5 Thanks! Scott
  7. Would you both please friend me on facebook? just look up Scott Sweeney and my picture is a stormtrooper with his hand hitting his forehead? Thanks! Scott
  8. Good evening everyone! My name is Scott and my wife and I have been in KS for the last year and I have been working with the midwest garrison on my imperial officer costume, tie fighter costume, and looking to connect with others in the Nashville area to help me along in the process and join the 501st as a member. Would anyone be willing to connect with me to help me with my costume so I can submit my costume for approval? I greatly appreciate it! Scott