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    All things Star Wars , Film making Screen writing, recording music, weapons (prop building ) was a model builder for 25 years .

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  1. 501st Member? Missing forum access? Post here!

    GREG Johnson TK64211 requesting access .
  2. Good day fellow recruits and members of Midsoith Garrison . There is an event for may4 th at Token Tavern next to the movie 7 in west Knoxville beer big lots . All Star Wars cosplay and Star Wars event. I hope to see a lot lot of people out for the event Friday evening may 4th
  3. Hello From West Knoxville

    Build party at my house tomorrow evening. 5-? message me for details... 865 455 7403 "cooked the pig in the ground and got some beer on ice and "all my rowdy friends are coming over tonight"
  4. Hello From West Knoxville

    Looking forward to getting the kit and getting started. Right now I’m working on my blaster until i get the armor . Update I just got my armor and am starting prep for the build .
  5. Hello From West Knoxville

    Hello all from (West) Knoxville Tennessee. After MANY years of being asked by several members and friends of mine from the 501st MidSouth garrison I have decided to join the garrison. Jim Heaton (heatray)and Paul Ratcliff (sand rat) are helping me. Jim is getting me a set of armor to build. (ANOVOS) TK armor and Paul and he have offered to help me build it. I have always since the original movies back in the 70's wanted to do this so finally I am! I have heard stories from the guys I know ans seen you all in action at different events and really believe in the purpose and mission of the 501st. So I request that I be considered as a recruit and in the process of joining the 501st MidSouth Garrison. About me : Name : Greg Johnson age : 53 marital status: married height: 6'2" weight: 195 lbs Profession: Certified PreOwned manager at Audi of Knoxville Other Interests: Musician (multi instrument mainly Drums) Studio recording, instrument building (drums and guitars) Photography and film, Illustrations , Art and Screenplay writing. I have been building models and weapons for longer than I can remember. Paul has a couple of my sculptures I did 20 years ago in his collection. I am currently working on a blaster build based on the PVC pipe build I found online. The plan is to have the armor and all the accessories ready before May4th. I plan to attend the Lexington Comic and Toy CON. march 9-11 I will be there Saturday evening around 4-5 and Sunday to meet several of the people involved in the 501st mid south garrison. Please say hello. screen name: in2thedarkside also my Deviant art name. I have several Star Wars based Drawings I have done there as well. Contact: The easiest way to reach me is through e-mail gjohnsonintn@yahoo.com or text message (865) 455-7403 Any help and assistance in creating a suit of armor that will be approved by the 501st is welcome. I look forward to meeting everyone and getting to know them. Greg (Boom Boom)