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    Good evening, I live in KY with my husband and our 18 year old son. I am part of the 501st Ohio Garrison, as Mara Jade. I was approved in March of 2017-- DS-22799. I have only completed 5 Troops. My husband is currently working on a Shadow Trooper--he's almost finished. In addition to Star Wars events, we are also MIB's (demo operatives) for Steve Jackson Games with the Cincinnati Cell. We attend most conventions around the greater Cincinnati/NKY/INDY area; last year for the first time at Cincinnati Comic Expo I divided up my time between---Steve Jackson Games demo team and the 501st Ohio Garrison, it was busy but fun! My husband recently put in a request for our son's After Prom as a Troop for your Garrison to be part of the fun. It's the evening of April 27th into the early morning hours of the 28th at Five Seasons in Crestview Hills, KY. Thank you for allowing me to join your Garrison, and I hope to meet you all soon!