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  1. Hello from North MS!

    Hi Vickie! Nice to meet you! Michael has already given all the good information, but feel free to reach out here on the boards if you have any costuming questions!
  2. Greetings from Nashville

    Woohoo!! I can't wait!
  3. Finally got around to this

    Hi, Melissa!! Welcome!
  4. Hello

    Welcome!! Those are both awesome costumes! I haven’t built a Mando yet, but they’re always popular at events. To start out, since they are both large builds, it may be good to focus on just one first and tackle each element at a time (armor, flight suit, belt, boots, etc), that way as you complete each step you are seeing progress! As Robbie mentioned, it’s tough to find a one stop shop— the detachment forums John shared links to should have a lot of advice regarding good vendors for each. A good general rule is to stay away from eBay and double check Etsy sellers with the detachment. Just because someone advertises a costume as being approvable doesn’t mean it is, unfortunately. If you have any questions about the process, don’t hesitate to reach out!!
  5. Visiting from Alaska December 17-28

    Hey @AlaskaSalmonRaider!! I haven't checked the boards in some time, bummed to just be seeing this! We live near the airport in Nashville if you're still in town! We went to Alaska for vacation last summer and had a blast. We stopped in North Pole, too! If it doesn't work this time, hopefully our paths cross in the future!! Safe travels! Laryssa
  6. Hello from a Transfer!

    Hi Charity- welcome!! I'm from VA originally (Roanoke) - hoping we get to troop together soon, I'd love to see your Zam Wesell!
  7. Hello!! New person here

    Welcome!!! You have a lot of great advice here already! To give you another idea - another budget friendly option to get your foot in the door is Imperial Bridge Crew: https://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:IC_imperial_bridge_crew The jumpsuit you can get from Cosplaysky (triple check their size chart with your measurements). It might be a little slow/dicey getting stuff from them at the moment as they are based in China, but their suit requires just a few easy mods, such as opening up the left arm compad section (I can explain how to do that if you choose to do this) Then, it's the boots, belt, and hat. The belt can be made for around $30, or bought for $50-$60. Boots, you can get used off of eBay or Poshmark. Hat- I got mine for around $45 on Etsy. This is also the base for several other costumes: TIE Reserve, TIE Pilot, and I think a few others others.
  8. Hello and Stuff from La Vergne!

    Welcome Trixie! I started as a total newbie as well, I still don't know much about armor but I'm now the proud owner of a couple of small power tools and every grit of sandpaper plus an array of glues and spray paints, haha. It's a lot of fun learn the stuff that goes into these builds, it's really given me a great appreciation for Star Wars and for all costuming. Everything is learnable! Looking forward to meeting you!!
  9. Meeting up

    It was nice to meet you today, Chuck! I hope you were able to meet a few other folks from the MSG. I need to work on my Biker Scout. I know @PegasusBlue has a TIE pilot to work on. @Mike j cosplay is planning to build a trash compactor. Sounds like a build party needs to happen this fall before the weather gets too cold.
  10. New Member

    Awesome!!! Congrats and welcome!
  11. Newly Transferred

    Hi Misty!! Welcome! I believe we met at the Owensboro symphony event last year -- glad you're joining us!
  12. Hello from Nashville/Eagleville

    Welcome! I've never built a TK, but several here have @Mike j cosplay @repentance3232 are two of the latest around Nashville. Make sure you do your research before ordering armor and make sure they're approved and deliver quality stuff. There's a few knockoffs out there. I think WhiteArmour.net has a great deal of info? Also, there's different vendors that are preferred for look and/or body type, but I can't speak to any of those specifics!
  13. Introduction, Knox Eisley

    Awesome! Looking forward to meeting you!
  14. Howdy from Nashville!

    After a year of rebel-rousing, finally officially joined you guys Thanks for being so cool and welcoming this last year - and shout out to Robbie for reminding me to send in my photos!
  15. Needing Suggestions from Knox Eisely

    Hi! I'm not very familiar with Knoxville either but happened to stop in a great coffee shop the last time I was there -- The Empty Cup. Their mission is heavily focused on adoption. While not the same as foster care, maybe they'd be receptive to the idea? http://www.theemptycup.org/our-story/