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  1. Changing my Forum name

    Can I please change my forum from Heavy Metal, to YaY Pizza, and I need my visiting status changed, as it still says visiting 501st member Thanks
  2. Hello, my Name is Jay Piazza Legion ID 69937, and my wife Tanyjia Piazza Legion ID 74093. last year I posted on here saying that my wife and I were moving from Arizona to Tennessee. Unfortunately that wasn't able to happen. But we finally made it, we're in Spring Hill right now, living with my wife's son untell we find a place of our own, I look forward to meeting everyone, I would love to get 2 MidSouth Garrison patches, I have Arizona DSG patches to trade. Message me on messenger you can't miss my profile pic it's my sandtrooper without the bucket, and say hi. Not sure what else to say here, how do I get full access, and do you have a private Facebook page?
  3. Moving to Tennessee

    Do to financial problems are moving up there has been pushed back one more year, sucks, but next year I look forward to meeting everyone
  4. Moving to Tennessee

    Hello everyone, my name is Jay Piazza, my wife and I are both 501st members and moving here at the end of March. I have a question, we're going to be living in or around Spring Hill, and was wondering if this is the Garrison we would be apart of? My wife Tawni Piazza 74093 is a Reserve pilot, she is also working her Navy Trooper flight suit version, I am a Tie pilot, MEPD Sandtrooper, Centurion Stormtrooper, Gunner, and also a officer. I recently got a new nickname (yay pizza) Feel free to ask any questions, I look forward to trooping with you guys
  5. Jay Piazza TK-69937 requesting 501st access please