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    I am a former 501st/MSG member, SL 1135. I had to drop due to school back in the day and I'm working on an Officer to try rejoining and Mando armor for the Mercs.
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  1. Hello from Tri-cities!

    Hi guys! Nice to see some more Tri folks! I'm in Church Hill! Currently working on an Iden Versio kit. We do have a nice local group that meet up for armor parties, the local conventions, and just hanging out. Feel free to PM me and we'll see about getting y'all in touch with the others! Welcome aboard!
  2. Why hello!

    Yeah I didn't get to go to Fanboy this year, but I'm going to be at Rob-Con end of the month. Thanks for the welcome, guys =D
  3. Why hello!

    Hi, guys and gals! Boy there's a lot of new faces here! Though I did see a few I know floating about. My name is Jennifer, I was a member back in the early 2000s while I was in college. Life and not having a job at the time sort of made it hard to go to conventions before we started getting more local ones here in Northeast TN so I ended up having to drop out. Skip to now where I have a good job and lots of local cons that I can get to better than driving to Atlanta! I got to meet a few of you last year in April at a con in Knoxville where I was playing handler with the Mercs. I was really impressed with the members that were there and it got me to kicking around starting up my Officer kit again. No Mara this time! At least for now. Looking forward to meeting the rest of you! Hopefully some of you will be coming to Rob-Con and Conapalooza up in the Kingsport area! I'd love a chance to say hello! And yes no picture yet. I have to find a decent one.