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    I'm a 501st member from the Southern California Garrison (Orange County Squad). My family and I just moved to Spring Hill, TN so I'm looking forward to trooping with you all.
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  1. New Guy here

    Welcome, buddy! You made it aaahhh!!
  2. New to Nashville, Excited to Troop!

    Thanks Guys! Sorry for the late reply, I wasn't getting these notifications. Thanks for the warm welcome, and yes @MxPxRobbie I've contacted my former CO to transfer me to MSG although I haven't received confirmation yet. Is there a way to find out?
  3. Hey there! My name is Robby and I just moved to Spring Hill, TN for work in April. We are from Southern California and I was an active member with the SoCal Garrison (Orange County Squad). I’m hoping to get involved and meet some fellow troopers.