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    I'm an approved Doctor Aphra for the Bluegrass Garrison, my announcement pic just hasn't been posted yet.
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  1. Needing Suggestions from Knox Eisely

    That is awesome!!! I'm a huge advocate for adoption, I will totally check it out thank you so much!!!
  2. Hey peeps, This is kind of related, kind of not. I work for a non-profit foster care agency and we are opening a new office in TN and have begun recruiting foster parents in the Knoxville area. Our licensing person is about to have a baby so she hasn't been out posting signs to advertise. I'm pitching in to help, so I will be coming to Knoxville tomorrow (Friday 2/21) to put some signs out. I know some of Knoxville but not all of it and I would like suggestions on good areas to place signs to try to attract potential families interested in foster care. If this is not ok, then delete this post but you guys are welcome to message me on social media, areas of east Knoxville I should visit. And if anyone wants to meet for lunch or has a good suggestion of a place I should try while I'm in town that would be awesome too!
  3. Bluegrass has plenty of events to be sure but there are a lot in Louisville which is 3 hours away for me. Nashville I'm pretty sure is like 5 hours. Lol but I would love love love to see the predators play the red wings, my two favorite teams. I will definitely be at Fanboy Expo the entire weekend with my cosplay crew, so I'll be available to troop it also. As for everything else I'm figuring it out as I go. Thank you very much for the warm welcome.
  4. Hello all!!! I just got approved for my Doctor Aphra yesterday around noon, but they have not posted my announcement photo yet. I am in the Bluegrass Garrison, Blue Sun Squad however I live in the south eastern most corner of KY bordering TN and Virginia. It takes me 2 hours to get to Lexington going north but 1.5 hours south to Knoxville. Some of my Garrison I met at frankfortcon on saturday suggested I sign up on your boards because you all may have troops going on closer to me that I can come help with. Looking at the schedule I see Ice Bears coming up. I LOVE HOCKEY! But I have no idea Knoxville had a team. So due to scheduling it looks like my very first troop may be Ice Bears if it's ok with you guys! I have checked in and it looks my Boss man Vader from bluegrass and his wife are coming too. Outside the costume, I'm a child therapist working at a private foster care agency. I specialize in doing play therapy with abused and neglected kiddos in states custody. I'm working on my PH.D in counseling so I can start teaching others how to be good therapists. My little family likes star wars, but not the way I love it, it keeps me sane with the line of work I do. It's a pleasure to be here and I can't wait to meet you guys at the Ice Bears game!