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    I'm interested in building my first set of armor and becoming a 501st member.
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  1. Hi Robbie, My TK number is in my profile and I am requesting full access.
  2. Hello and Stuff from La Vergne!

    Welcome, I started clueless in August but the ladies and gents here are fantastic and was approved by December. There is tons of help available. Feel free to PM me for my Facebook and I'll give you what knowledge I've got.
  3. Meeting up

    I met so many...It was awesome! Totally down to help whenever I can.
  4. Meeting up

    Nice, I think I'll swing on by that
  5. Meeting up

    Looks like my Shadow guard may be here this week and my TK is showing up piece by piece lol. Would love to start meeting some of y'all. I am off until the 15th. Give me a shout if anyone wants to get together in the Nashville area.
  6. Hello from Nashville/Eagleville

    I hit up WTF and placed my order, I'm looking forward to my build coming together over the next few months and joining in the shenanigans! Thank you everyone.
  7. Hello from Nashville/Eagleville

    Thanks, I want to make sure I end up with a quality set or 12 of armor lol
  8. Hi , My name is chuck and I'm looking to build my first set of armor and become a TK member of the 501st. I first met some of the Legion when I was living in Tokyo and I've been hooked ever since. Any help will be greatly appreciated