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    Just moved from Maryland to the Knoxville area, and have been working on an R2 as well as several others to be able to join the 501st.
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  1. This is long past due, as I requested access to this forum last month but due to work and moving have not had a chance to come back to this. My name is Joe Weber, new to Knoxville, TN. Was going to get a sandtrooper kit last year prior to moving from Maryland and had originally contacted the old line garrison there about help with selecting a kit, the build, etc. However, life got a bit jumbled and now we’re somewhat settled. Have wanted to do this ever since seeing the the original Star Wars in the theater. Now at 45 I definitely don’t want to waste any more time thinking and spend that time doing. That said i have found numerous kits on Etsy and elsewhere but do not know what would be or not be 501st approved. Any suggestions/guidance would be greatly appreciated. I also have a 3/4 scale r2 unit I’m trying to finish but lack the skills in the electronics to finish him if anyone more local would be interested in helping me with that as well. Looking forward to meeting some of you and hopefully joining up with the 501st to bring smiles to kids and adults alike in some of your fundraising events. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk