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    @LordKosh - Thanks for the detailed reply! I'll figure out next steps. I appreciate it. I love my Shock Trooper costume. As you probably know, I believe the only way to have one is to create it. It's my first creation, and I know it needs tweaking to be more accurate. Jim
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    Hi, everyone. I just signed up to join this forum. I haven't done anything in terms of 501st approvals. Not even sure what that entails. I'm an Air Force veteran and huge Star Wars fan. I own a Shock Trooper, Tie Pilot and Kylo Ren costume. I just finished the Shock Trooper and wore it at the ICCC event this past weekend. None of my stuff is 501st approved. Can I still participate in events with this group? Hope this is the correct place to post new member info. Thanks folks. Jim
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    Thanks, #CrazyMarlin. That's rough. I don't know if my armor would pass the review. Oh well.
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    Thank you, Lord Kosh. I guess my question is also do I need 501st approval to attend and participate in events with this group? I actually used the guidance you referenced. I added the pauldron despite it not being listed. I like the look. And I was a sergeant in the Air Force (the white pauldron denotes sergeant). Jim