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    Star Wars (duh), LotR, cycling, playing and watching sports, travel, daddy-daughter time.

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    501st future recruit beginning my first build: ANH TK stunt
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About Me

I've been a lifelong Star Wars fan and have wanted to build a stormtrooper outfit and join the 501st for over a decade. I am finally taking steps to become a TK, spending much of my free time on the FISD forum, saving links and soaking up a wealth of information. My wife and I have a 7-month old little girl, so my build time will be limited and I expect this project to take 6-9 months to complete. My hope is that I can be a TK for Halloween in 2020, and walk my little baby Princess Leia down the street. I can just picture her holding my black-gloved hand and taking little 1.5-year-old baby steps. Maybe her candy bucket will literally be a small TK bucket turned over. Ok, enough fantasizing and mushy talk.