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  1. Nashville Newbie

    Yessir! Got an ANH kit from Paul over at Troopermaster, should get here within a few weeks if all goes according to plan.
  2. Nashville Newbie

    Hey man! Glad to see you found your way here. Looking forward to seeing your build thread and trooping with you in the future. Sent from my Pixel 3a XL using Tapatalk
  3. Thanks! The feeling's 100% mutual
  4. Fantastic!! Thanks, looking forward to getting to work/troop with yall
  5. Thank you man! Wanted to do this back in high school but never had the resources to do so. So so glad to be able to get started. Side question, I see the occasional mention of handlers, is there any possibility of someone kitless like me helping out with handler duties on troops? I'd love to help out while I'm still in the process of building the kit, and I doubt there's any better way to get a perspective on how a finished kit should look in person.
  6. Well folks it's official! TK Kit's been ordered from Paul over across the pond at TM. Won't be here in time for Christmas but it's no biggie--more time I get to study up and stock up for the journey ahead. I'm admittedly nervous, I've never done handy work save for a couple of pinewood derby cars back in the cub scout days. The biggest challenge will for sure be the fitting (I'm a good height for the kits at around 5'10" but much skinnier, so trimming's gonna be the name of the game). I have a feeling the heat gun's gonna be getting ran through its paces, haha! My girlfriend has agreed to help me through all of this so combined we make up a total of approximately one reasonably knowledgeable kit builder. Looking forward to the future, can't wait!!
  7. Awesome, I'll be sure to reach out. Hey! Yeah, I've done most of the research and whatnot pre-build wise, at this point I'm just waiting to pull the trigger financially on the suit and whatnot. Super pumped!
  8. Hello, New guy here! My name's Dixon, based out of Nashville. I'm looking to suit up and join you folks in the MSG. Haven't picked a first kit yet, but I'm leaning towards a good ol fashioned TK (stunt) from ATA. I am curious though--are there any kits that are "missing", i.e. more are needed of? Thanks in advance and looking forward to meeting you in the future. -Dixon