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    Finishing up a Shoretrooper Build. Excited to go up for approval soon.
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  1. I need some camaraderie to finish my build. Any build days coming up in Knoxville? Maybe at Knox Makers or other site?
  2. It's been over a year since I first posted, but am almost ready for approval. Shoretrooper Grunt is done and should finish up soft goods this weekend. I wasn't going to carry a blaster at first (excited for the possible new holsters ST if CRL is updated), but now I think I want to invest in an E-22. Can I be approved without the blaster and then add it later? Any Shoretroopers in Knox Eisley?
  3. New in Knoxville

    Thanks @MaskedVengeance
  4. Hello!! New person here

    I'm just getting started myself in Knoxville. I went with a build from 850 Armorworks. I had a lot of questions to make sure it fit a female figure well. Not all the builds are forgiving of a women's chest and hips. I'm hoping to finish up and submit photos by October. Hope you find something that works for you!
  5. New in Knoxville

    Hi all, Excited to be working on Shoretrooper Grunt build with 850 Armorworks. Currently obtaining soft foods while waiting for kit to arrive, but have some questions. If anyone in the Knoxville area is willing to help this newbie out please let me know. I've been reading the message boards about the E22, but are weapons required for approval? I am especially intimidated by all the strapping and hope to find another Shoretrooper who can help me once it's time to put it on the first time. I jumped into this without seeing how all these pieces come together. Thanks!
  6. Thank you both. I haven't been able to connect with anyone in Knoxville yet. I took a trip to 850 Armorworks and they helped answer a lot of my questions. I decided on a Shoretrooper Grunt build. I'm excited for the kit to arrive!
  7. Hi from Knoxville! I have been wanting to become involved with Star Wars cosplay for a while, but hadn't settled on the costume I would prefer. With the new movie and hearing female Storm trooper voices, I am leaning towards Storm trooper or Captain Phasma. Do you have anyone who would meet a prospective for coffee to discuss costuming? I have done historical reenacting (colonial and civil war) for 18 years and think the two genres will have similarities, but I have some costume questions beyond basic web searches. Thanks.