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  1. Hello I'm Elizabeth Dunham,

    I'm not yet affiliated with the 501st and don't know what rebel legion is...just looking for something fun to do...

    Based in Knoxville, TN.

    Knew somebody years ago that was in the 501st, but lost contact with her years ago.

    Interested in sith/Jedi play, but could do trooper play as well, have to look at cost of costumes...

    About me... Am a Paramedic in real life, lived 13 years in Germany so I sound funny, love star wars and volunteering yo help people. Really could use another hobby to relax lol


    P.s. I got a dumb question... Looking at 501st legion website, looks like you can only be a with from the movies. What about being an inquisitor or Jedi? I see pictures of people with lightsaber in the gallery that aren't the Sith lords


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