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    I’m from the Alabama Garrison TK 38828, I’m looking to troop with you at time during the year if we aren’t trooping and you have something going on
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  1. 501st Member? Missing forum access? Post here!

    Good evening. TK 38828 seeking access. I’m a member of the Alabama Garrison and looking to troop with y’all from time tomorrow time
  2. Hello there

    Thanks for commenting. id messaged your garrison FB page the other day about the event and was told you’d be trooping it, I’m coming anyway and can bring my kit with me. i look forward to trooping again soon and getting to meet y’all.
  3. Hello there

    Greetings MidSouth, I’m a member of the Alabama Garrison located just south of Birmingham. I’m TK 38828 call sign “Hollywood” Name’s Todd Montgomery and I’m looking to troop with y’all at times when we don’t have things going on here and y’all do. I could troop from Nashville to Chattanooga as I have friends in both cities. I was told y’all were trooping the Dominic Pace event in Chattanooga in July 27th and I’d love to come troop with y’all then.