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    My dog, Vintage Star Wars collecting, writing.

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    Transfer from the Michigan Great Lakes Garrison to the Midsouth Garrison as an ANH TK Stunt. Have been in the 501st for almost two years, trooping over 70 events. Taught in Michigan for nearly 20 years, but moving to TN to be with family (who are all from MI, but relocated). Will soon be working in Building Services at Y-12 in Oak Ridge.
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  1. I'm following this. Would like to be in on it, should it happen.
  2. How's She Goin' Eh?

    Awesome possum. I'll be there one day, at least. Look forward to meeting you
  3. How's She Goin' Eh?

    Hey there! I am from Royal Oak, originally, just a few miles north of Detroit. Moved here 1.5 years ago. I visited Ontario every summer, as my grandfather was from Port Elgin - in fact, that is where I first saw the best film ever back in '77! My trooping was born in the Great Lakes Garrison, but it was just before the pandemic, so I never got to troop in "our home and native land." And yes, when I was 19, I did indulge in Canada's more relaxed drinking age law... although, I was usually the designated driver.... yes, honestly. I went to Don Cherry's and Bentley's a couple of times. Was never a fan of North American beer, aside from a Blue Light, on occasion. I miss going to Becker's and getting pop in the cans where you pushed the little button hole to release the carbonation, and the larger one to drink it! Hostess Salt and Vinegar chips (Ketchup or Dill Pickle? ew!!), and I still put white vinegar (not malt) on my fries!! And our treat was getting Big Bun pizza while we were there. Was a huge Wings fan, and my dad and I laughed at how you spell Defense with a C. (Swede Borje Salming helped pave the way for the greatest defenseman ever, our Lidstrom!) Grew up watching Hockey Night in Canada on CBC, when the weather was clear enough for our antenna to get a good enough signal. I am a proud American, but Bob Cole - best hockey play-by-play man, ever! And one of my final troops in Michigan was at a curling club, so I can say I did that... and it's tougher than it looks. Let me know when and where you might be trooping. I live in the Knoxville area, and we have FanBoy Con coming up in early August. Would love to meet you and chat it up. Ron
  4. Rocky Top Game Con


    Wow, this one is creeping up on us - and the troops are starting to pile up... awesome! I'm in for parts of Friday, probably Saturday as TK.
  5. until
    Event Title: Kingsport Axmen Star Wars Night 2022 Event Author: TK-Z Calendar: Midsouth Garrison Calendar Event Date: 07/09/2022 07:00 PM to 07/09/2022 09:30 PM Location: Hunter Wright Stadium, 800 Granby Rd, Kingsport, TN, 37660 Parking location and details: Free premium parking near stadium entrance Event date: Saturday, July 9, 2022 Event start time & approx. end time: 7:00 PM-9:30 PM EST Call time: 6:00 PM EST Changing room details: Will be provided our entire front office area for changing purposes Maximum number invited: 25 Blasters, lightsabers, staffs allowed: YES Wheelchair accessible: YES Food, water, and restroom: YES
  6. Hello from Knoxville

    Sending you a pm with his e-mail. But, for future reference, you can find it in the STAFF link along the white strip near the top of the home page. Hover over someone's profile, and their e-mail should appear with other info.
  7. Hello from Knoxville

    Looks great! Although, I don't think the Buffalo Mountain shirt is CRL You'd have to go through the local garrison Liaison Officer. We just had a shake up at some positions, but I think it's updated if you look at the STAFF link. The Garrison Membership Liaison is CrazyMarlin. His e-mail is there. Any trouble finding it, let me know.
  8. Hello from Knoxville

    Hey Russ. I live in Maryville. Please keep in touch if you want help with building your armor - TK, I assume? We need more troopers in this area! To answer your question, I think I was able to delete one of the three posts. Ron
  9. Checking in

    Welcome, Shane! Just got back from ICCC in Nashville. Two days on our feet - as a TK, you feel the pain of not being able to sit! Turn around with our Imperial Holiday this week - good times!! East TN events are starting to heat up, so we hope to see you at one soon.
  10. Finally got around to this

    Welcome! I don't know where you live, but I'm having an armor party in a few weeks. All are welcome.
  11. Hello there

    Hello, and welcome Depending on what you are building, the 501st forums are a great resource. I built a TK with a lot of help from whitearmor.net, and I am about the least handy person you'd ever meet. I'm now building a Scout Trooper, and the pathfinders forum has been supremely helpful. Whichever armor/outfit you are building will have its own 501st related forum, so I would start there. I would invite you to my armor party, but I live on the other side of the state! Maybe look for those in your area, as well.
  12. Hello from Farragut

    No way! My aunt and uncle have a place up there - now it is called Belaire, I believe, but we still call it Central Lake.
  13. Hello from Farragut

    Welcome! I moved here from Michigan about a year and a half ago. I lived in Farragut before moving to Maryville. Hope to see you soon.
  14. Hello from Murfreesboro

    Hey man, someone just posted an ANH TK for sale on here. I'd check it out quickly, if I were you!
  15. Hello from Murfreesboro

    Here is where you can get a lot of help (link below). All kinds of tutorials and people willing to give advice. Of course, we're here to help, as well. There is a Facebook page for the public to visit the MidSouth Garrison. Unfortunately, one of the better armor makers just passed away (ATA), so that service is unavailable for now. https://www.whitearmor.net/forum/