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    I'm interested in joining the 501st, I have a 90-ish% finished shoretrooper grunt costume I'm working on completing
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  1. Greetings from the Tri-Cities!

    Thanks for the welcome everyone! It's great to know some of you are that close. Also, I tried looking for that FB group and didn't come up with anything that looked like y'all... So all the armor in my kit is a flex-fiberglass with an anovos helmet, which it's not too jabby or sharp and has a little give when you bend and move, so it's not bad.
  2. Hello everyone! My name is Matt, I live in Jonesborough, TN and I'm currently working on finishing my Shoretrooper costume. I started on it in fall of 2016 when I lived in Florida with hopes of getting it done before Celebration Orlando, but then moving back here among other things stalled it before I could get it totally finished. Now that I'm somewhat settled I hope to finish it and officially join the 501st