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  1. Hello from Memphis!

    Hello! I've been lurking for a while putting together my TIE Pilot Reserve and Tie Pilot (ANH) kits for 501st approval. Looking forward to meeting some of the Twin Suns folks at the upcoming events here in Oct/Nov. --- TW
  2. Greetings from the Memphis Area!

    CrazyMarlin - I'm in NashVegas a lot for work as well (or, was in the "before times") so may be able to troop up there in the future, too. Looking forward to meeting the folks here and across Tennessee!
  3. Greetings from the Memphis Area!

    Thanks Lord_Kosh - great suggestions and truly appreciated. Starting with something simple like you suggested. Biker Scout would be fun eventually, especially if I have some local support.
  4. Greetings from the Memphis Area!

    Defintely. I would rock the new Boba Fett look It doesn't appear that there's a CRL yet or I would make that my target for sure.
  5. Hi! I'm Trey Alberson, joining from Germantown, TN (suburb of Memphis). I'm new to the 501st and formal costuming organizations, but have experience in costuming from years of Trek and other fandom. Looking forward to leaning in and being able to learn more, while being able to do good for the community, too. I'm a father, husband and have a house full of four legged creatures. Professionally, I lead a sales team for a global technology company. I support St. Jude as a volunteer/Hero/runner and give time to a handful of smaller organizations and events. Learned about MSG through the 501st site, but I don't believe I have any connections here. Hoping to build some so I can get local support selecting a first kit, learning how MSG/501st is continuing to operate during the pandemic. My hope is to have a kit or two complete and approved by the time we can resume large gatherings and events. I'm a stout guy so I'm also looking for some specific guidance on what might work best for a guy with a "dad bod." The Boba Fett build of my dreams may be out of reach for a while.... All Hail the Empire!