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    I am a current 501st member in the midst of transferring to the Nashville area. (TKID 42369)
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  1. Shrek On The Move Again!

    AWESOME!!!! Another Babylon 5 fan!!!!! I haven't been able to find many of us during my travels! (Hope I guessed right judging by the screen name, and didn't just make myself look like a fool)
  2. Hey Everyone, My name is Jason, aka Shrek. I'm originally from Bronx/Brooklyn New York. I've been a 501st member since 2014. Currently at 248 troops. Started off with the Tampa Bay Squad, Florida Garrison. Moved to Charlotte, NC in February 2020 as a promotion through work. Did a few troops with the Carolina Garrison. Now I'll be relocating to the Nashville area (La Vergne) through another promotion effective August 2nd. Once I settle in, I look forward to putting on my plastic spacesuit and bring some smiles. Hopefully, I'll finally get to finish my Zeb costume (5 yrs in the making.... so far). I'm currently a Tie Pilot, Reserve Pilot, Gunner (two versions), and Navy Trooper. Hopefully get to meet some peeps soon.