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    Interested in joining the 501st and would be a MSG member as I live in Nolensville, TN. I am not currently affiliated with any other costuming orgs. I am currently building a Season 1 Beskar Din Djarin.
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  1. Hello from Nashville

    Thanks Robbie! Have a few things I’m waiting on and finishing up my Amban Rifle then I’ll get pics together and sent over!
  2. Hello from Nashville

    Thanks Michael, that is super helpful. Appreciate the insight.
  3. Hello from Nashville

    Thanks Michael, appreciate the kind words. It has been quite the process the past year and I have definitely learned a ton. I think I have sort of figured out the best process to work towards approval. 1. Create a pre-approval thread on the BHG forums to solicit feedback from the BHG leadership. 2. Contact the GML for MSG once I feel the requirements have been met per BHG's review. 3. Submit my formal app. Let me know if there is a better way. This is my first time going through this process.
  4. Hey everyone. My name is Adam Vanhooser and I live in Nolensville, TN (just south of Nashville). I am not currently a part of the 501st or any other costuming org but looking to join! I am currently closing in on the finishing line of my Season 1 Beskar Din Djarin costume! I have done a bit of research regarding what is the best starting point for approval but still not quite sure. I have joined the Bounty Hunter Detachment forums but haven’t found a clear answer there either. I am most likely not looking in the right spot and am open to some guidance! I am excited at the possibility of trooping with y’all some day. Cheers, Adam