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    I am interested in joining the Memphis area 501st.
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  1. Hello from Memphis area!

    oh I'll check that out. Thanks!
  2. Hello from Memphis area!

    Thank you. Unfortunately eva foam is not approved for acceptance in the 501st. That's ok. I'll have to shift my focus to making another one that is within the requirements.
  3. Hello from Memphis area!

    Thank you Robbie for the warm welcome and information. I understand the reasoning for the guidelines. This is something I will have to shoot for!
  4. Hello everyone! This is my first ever contact with anyone in the 501st. I have been making cosplay things for several years now but recently finished a shoretrooper squad leader. I feel like it looks really good and I enjoyed wearing it so much at trunk or treat event this past Sunday that I want to wear this more than once a year and bring smiles to more kids (and adults) faces. It is homemade with eva foam (98% of it at least with some 3d printed additions) so I don't know if that will even get me in the door for 501st approval.