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    At 47yo I am finally starting my journey to my vader outfit and looking for like minded that I can seek knowage from in making that a reality. I am a Diy'er and I am fully commited to making my outfit complete and 501'st approved vader outfit. Still have not decided on which screen version yet but in progress but leaning towards either RotS or RotJ
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  1. Old dad here, I have always wanted to do a cos-play of vader, I believe I am going to go the RotS route. My son was a make a wish child and would eventually love to give back as others have given to him when he was young. Not sure if I will ever be to the level of 501st certification but it is a long term goal and something to work towards, for now going to take it in strides, I wish I had done my research before buying a few days ago but just got a Black series helmet, finding out today it will not be allowed but maybe down the road I will get one that is. My next next project I am working on getting STL files to start my chest piece and belt boxes, also waiting for my materials to start on the 1st layer black leather suit to arrive.