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  1. Yeah, I'm back.

    Being able to appropriately edit my Christmas card list is welcome back enough.
  2. Yeah, I'm back.

    You shoulda been here for the welcome back party I got.... Basically, it was like a Dean Martin roast. ...but funnier.
  3. In the Nashville area.

    Welcome. PLEASE ask plenty of questions before buying your armor kit. There are a lot of seasoned builders in the garrison that will be more than glad to give you advise, offer assistance and opinions on different kits that are available. You may also be lucky enough to get to borrow a kit for an event to get the feel of the armor. I'll kick it off with: Don't buy the AM armor.
  4. Welcome and Introduction

    ...you could start by using a an avatar pic of yourself and not one of me.
  5. New girl from martin

  6. New girl from martin

    A late but gracious 'thank you'.
  7. What did you say? ...I can't hear.
  8. New girl from martin

    ...that's pretty much the rule with any armor you get, LFL blessed or not.
  9. May I Introduce Myself

    Hey, man. Good to hear from you. Would love to see some pics of yer projects.
  10. New girl from martin

    Fitting the thighs give the same great feeling as a paper cut and lemon juice. However, sometimes its just a matter of a few small snips here and there and getting the circumference right at the top and bottom. I second Loki's suggestion, don't trim anything until you've met up with someone with an experienced eye and is experienced with making plastic fit. Back to the discussion:
  11. New girl from martin

    I have a cat. ...or should I say, a cat has me. Dogs have owners, cats have staff.
  12. New girl from martin

    When they say: "Aren't you a little short to be a stormtrooper?" Your retort: "Aren't you a little old to be a virgin?"
  13. New girl from martin

    I have seen the Rubies stormtrooper in person. ...not bad.
  14. Get married at Graceland. http://www.elvis.com/graceland/weddings/overview.aspx