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  1. Happy Birthday, Squirrel!!!

    It was good seeing you at the theater the other night!

  2. Happiest of All Birthdays to you, John!!

  3. HI

    Welcome, Mike! I look forward to meeting and trooping with you!
  4. May I Introduce Myself

    Gold Star!! YES!! You are the MAN!!
  5. Hello everyone!

    Welcome!! Thank you for serving you country!!
  6. May I Introduce Myself

    Welcome Blasterpro. Nice pics. The burning question is Skyline or Gold Star?
  7. New girl from martin

  8. Hello from Louisiana native

    Welcome to the Midsouth Garrison, Rodney! It will be good to troop with you and all others from the Garrison at Connooga this weekend, so bring your costume(s) and get ready to have a good time.
  9. Welcome, Dan. I am looking forward to trooping with you!
  10. Wanting to be a new member

    Hi, Todd. Welcome to the boards. Good luck with your costume.