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  1. Hello From Ky

    Welcome aboard. Glad to see some more people from Kentucky.
  2. updating status

    Ok bumping this thread up since request was never taken care of.
  3. updating status

    I just ralised the forum lists me as a visiting 501st still. I have been part of MSG for 2 years now can someone please update me to MSG member.
  4. Oya from Kentucky!

    Welcome to the id south Garrison i'm just down the road from you in Elizabethtown.
  5. Wanting to be a new member

    Welcome Todd, Granted i do pre armor Vader so i'm not an expert on the armored vaders by any means. Bue the impression i have gotten about the Rubies is often times it cost you more in the long run to do all the upgrading then if you buy the parts individually. Definately check out the Sith Lords detachment they can be a big help. Whatever costume you do make sure and do your research first it will save you time and money. Anyway welcome aboard.