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  1. New guy in Memphis

    Yes! More troopers in Memphis!!!! Welcome to the boards! Yes will.be getting together with Joseph. Welcome to the fray!!
  2. Transfer

  3. *wave* from Little Rock

    Great to see you here. Hopefully more to come!
  4. Hello from Memphis

    Hey Joseph! Welcome to the threads! Come in and make your self at home. Lots of good info and people here. Like it was said, goto Whitearmor.net for stormtrooper needs! When something comes up in the area I'll let you know, then you can come out and see what it like trooping.
  5. MSC thread

    Guess i need to read the fine print!
  6. MSC thread

    Can someone move the MidSouthCon thread back to MSG events please?
  7. Greetings 501st-lings

  8. Greetings!

    Welcome Man!
  9. Hello From Brighton TN

    Hey Don! Glad to see you made it! We have a small troop at the Red Birds game on Sept 4th. We'll get you out there!
  10. Moving to Memphis

    Welcome!!! We could sure use some more troopers in the Memphis area!! Hope every thing goes well for you! We do get some good help from some local MS. garrison folk that live across the boarder. Again Welcome!!
  11. Hello

    Welcome! Hope to see ya soon!
  12. Hey guys, from Memphis

    Welcome Chris! I live in Millington. There is a couple of us here in the area, Some of the Rancor Raiders live just over the border in MS. I'm sure they'll chime in here soon!
  13. HI

    Welcome Mike!
  14. Hi......

    Welcome Jeff! My best advice is to get on CTN and read,read and read! Knowledge is the key!