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    Star Wars.my wife,and 4 year old daughter.I am new to the whole costuming hobby.I went to CIV in L.A. and all the troopers walking around was the best part of the trip.Hope to get to know all you guysin the future.

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    TK-2952 Midsouth Garrison
  1. CC 5288 Bacara at your service!

    is that Kevins kit?looks awesome
  2. CC 5288 Bacara at your service!

    who's Chad Ried?oh you mean Reid. It's about darn time you finished up....jk Congrats on the approval.Now to get Chris finished up. suit looks awesome....whoever helped you with the command sash outta win the lottery for doing such a fine,outstanding job
  3. An introduction from your newest CC

    We had a good debut at BOO at the ZOO in Knoxville of the clone commanders,we just need those 3 from nashville to come troopin in K-ville and the circle will be complete LOL.Armor looks great.