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    Star Wars (I guess that's a given), sci-fi, fantasy, books, TV/movies, costuming in general, and mainly just having a good time with friends (in a costume or not).

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    501st member (Georgia Garrison), Rebel Legion member, FanForce member (Chattooine), co-founder of ConNooga convention
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  1. Yeah, I'm back.

    Welcome back!
  2. Hello

    Glad to see ya in the 501st! You're just full of surprises, aren't ya? Your Cyborg at ConNooga this year was very cool and now a Royal Guard? Niiiice. Of course, now you'll have to make the hard choice on which side of the Empire/Rebel coin you'll be doing every time. LOL. It's a good struggle to have. ;-)
  3. If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice. - Rush, Freewill

  4. Was in Southern Outpost, then MSG (Command staff for 2 years), original member of Mos Nooga Squad... now in GA Garrison despite not moving. Makes you wonder, eh?

  5. Common sense is a lot like deodorant. The people who need it most, never use it.

  6. All dreams fade when you wake up. (looks around). Yeah, I've woken up.

  7. All that you can do is wish them well...

  8. One bad apple spoils the barrel...

  9. Old Friends, New Friends

    Hey Joe! Long time, eh? Good luck with bringing back the pre-armor Vader (and the armored one as well!).
  10. What's on my mind? um... Georgia, I guess. LOL

  11. Hello from Chattanooga!

    Since your long term goal might be Vader, you might want to eventually check out the Sith Lords Detachment as well: http://www.501stsithlords.com/ Welcome, Jeff!
  12. Good evening MSG!

    Glad ya found us! Know LaFayette, GA very well. Used to live there (and still work there). Hope to see you at future events!
  13. New Guy in Chattanooga

    Glad you're interested in joining the forces of the Empire! The medical plan could be better, but oh... The places and things you'll see... Hope to meet you soon.