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  1. Forum has Alzheimers?

    Thank you sir, I appreciate the heads up.
  2. Forum has Alzheimers?

    Its really acting goofy signing in now. Doesnt show you that you are signed in, its really a headache.
  3. An introduction from your newest CC

    Whose the no-neck clone on the left? The ab plate looks funny too LOLOLOL
  4. Forum iPhone skin?!?

    Awesome, checking it on my new iPhone 3GS will be awesome LOL
  5. Forum iPhone skin?!?

    Hey Chris, Is there a way to shut that off in the iphone? I thought I was smart with mine but apparently not LOL. Its missing the ability to view your control panel, private messages, any search function, and view new messages which are the very core functions I use on this forum. I have seen sites where you default to the mobile version, but somewhere on the page you have the option to view the normal website. Just curious, thanks for your help.