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    Aside from being old and broken, I was in the Marines during the 80s, and graduated from Georgia Southern University in the early 90s with a degrees in Art and Marketing. I was in the closet with my nerdom for many years; mainly to get dates. After I was married I fell of the wagon when my wife made the monumental mistake of taking me to C3 as a suprise.
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  1. Meeting up

    It was goodd meeting you Chuck. I was the cat at the table not in costume; we spoke for a while. Find me on FB, under Taylor Todd. My profile pic is sgt chesty the bulldog. I live in Franklin and am happy to help with your builds. I can't wait to open the garage for some Fall weather.
  2. Judging by the work you did on your mando, you will knock this out easily. Welcome
  3. We are not obligated to do any event that has not been vetted as one that has worth; that is our call not anyone at any other level. Unless of cource you just want to do it for the fun of it. I know Skip is a true trooper and will suit up if he things it's a good time; I have always admired that by the way. Anyway, my point is this; people will call just about anything a charity to get free entertainment to come out. I had multiple request for parties where the person wanted a half dozen troopers, and in return would donate some money to a charity. In my book that is not a good use of our resources. In other words, don't feel bad to say no.
  4. Welcome from close to Spring Hill; my family lives on Columbia Pike not far from independace high. Good luck being happy as a helper, once you get around the costomes you will want one, or two, or three
  5. I wish, you know Disney will change it up just enough to sell another 5 billion action figures
  6. Greetings from Franklin, TN

    You won't get a whole lot for the Rubies now that the mystery is gone. It is still a cool prop though; I would stick i on a mannequin as part of your collection. Where in Franklin are you; I live just south of downtown.
  7. Greetings from Augusta and the GA Garrison

    Welcome Jen. I am from Thomasville, GA, ever been there?
  8. Good evening MSG!

    Welcome, we have some WWII guys as well.
  9. Transfer

    Dito, great costumes. You have great attention to detail with your craft.
  10. Transfer

    Lets see, you have been a member since 2002, and you are here with military obligations. You must be a hard charging enlisted lifer,,,,, am I close Either way, a very welcome to middle TN; you will love it here.
  11. Hello from Jamestown, Tennessee

    come in and get your nerd on
  12. Hello from Cane Ridge!

    I want an R2 if anyone want to help with droid population control. You have a nice unit there,,,,,,, that didn't sound right
  13. In the Nashville area.

    When you come out please don't be shy; get in there and let us know who you are. This event in Clarksville is a perfect event to meet people. Come and go as you like. You could even walk the parade and pick up costume pieces or troopers as they drop off.
  14. How come I reply to a topic, I can never see that topic again under new content. It's as if it goes away until someone else replies to the same topic. Can this be fixed?