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  1. New guy from Knoxville, TN

    Welcome Brian and son
  2. Old Friends, New Friends

    Howdy Joe, Good to hear you're coming back around. I've been scarce myself over the last few years. God bless and hope to troop with you again sometime.
  3. New Guy from Cleveland, TN

    Welcome Steve. Sh-ARF looks sweet
  4. New girl from martin

    Welcome to the MSG Katie!
  5. Hello

    Welcome Matthew!
  6. Hello everyone!

    Thank you for your service. Come home safe. Merry Christmas. Look forward to trooping with you.
  7. The Sith Have Arrived. >;~)

    Sebastian Everard. Haven't ever been to Pennsic War. Just Border Raids a number of times and Gulf Wars once. Everything else has been local/TN events. Everybody looks "familiar" in wode heh
  8. The Sith Have Arrived. >;~)

    Greetings from Knoxville and welcome to the MSG! It's been a few years but we're SCAdians too. Probably fought near you at Border Raids at some point
  9. New to the site

    Welcome to the forums
  10. Too many emails...

    On other boards and our old one, I got 1 email when someone posted something new to a topic I was subscribed to. I didn't get any more emails until I visited that thread. Now I get a new email every single time someone replies... why is that? Am I missing a setting somewhere?
  11. Welcome to the MSG Brent. THANK YOU for your service and God Bless!
  12. Greetings all

    Greetings John, Welcome to the forums. Look forward to trooping with you
  13. The Average Joe has arrived....

    Howdy Joe!
  14. The first unread post button just takes me to the first post of the topic... I have cookies on and have changed no settings since the board changed.
  15. Hello from Louisiana native

    Belated welcome to the MSG Rodney.