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    Iam currently a Mission Observer (Copilot) for CAP CounterDrug operations.
    CAP Air Force Aux. SQ KY216 Fort. Campbell

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  1. New Guy in Chattanooga

    Welcome to the MSG Dan, stay in contact with the Nooga bunch down there, they won't steer you wrong, they are all a great bunch of folks, well except that one guy, but you know (joking) They are all great and won't lead you wrong. Also no gear doesn't mean no fun. We always need what we call handlers at troops, basically people in plain clothes watching the backs of the costumed people. So no excuses, go to the the next event
  2. Hello from Signal Mtn.

    Hey Kevin, I think I got to meet you briefly at the prop party (I was the idiot who showed up in uniform;) )Sorry I didn't get a chance to talk with you more, but welcome to the MSG. You where doing a heck of a great job on that Dewback head!!! Look forward to getting to know you
  3. DoctorDub Is Ready to get his 501st On!

    Welcome to the madhouse of fun we have here Seriously Hopefully you can hook up with either Sgt Dark or Capt Midnight (why does that sound like a really bad Saturday morning kids cartoon) As well as rdhawk who as already chimed in. All 3 are excellent resources in your area to bounce armor building ideas off of, and there wealth of information will not steer you wrong.
  4. Birthday listings?

    now I must know, is that an actual pancake or is it a flapjack? and also what type of "whatever it is" is it? Buckwheat, buttermilk, grain,??? Also did the bunny eat the thing, or did the farmer eat the bunny with the cake? AND I must know, what came first the bunny or the cake??? This sux worse than the Wing Commander movie!!! Come on, I need to know, this is very pressing and you fixed the Bday thing way to quickly!!!!
  5. Merry Christmas and a Happy and Prosperous New Years
  6. Hello MidSouth!

    Welcome to the MSG Steve.
  7. Hello from Clarksville!

    Welcome aboard Gavin. Was great trooping with you Saturday.
  8. In the Nashville area.

    yes, scroll down on the index page of the forum and you will see a heading for Events. There is an event this Saturday in Clarksville. We are doing Toys for Tots at Toys R us and then the Clarksville Christmas parade. I don't think all the times and stuff have been posted yet, but they should be with in the next day or so.
  9. In the Nashville area.

    No, you can attend any event as a handler (a person that makes sure the armored people don't have any problems.)
  10. In the Nashville area.

    Welcome to the MSG forums. Hope to see you at an event real soon.
  11. Checking in from Kentucky

    Welcome to the MSG. Like it has already been said, keep your eyes on the events that are coming up and come out to them. You don't have to have a costume to help out at events. We are always looking for handlers.
  12. Greetings 501st-lings

    Welcome to the boards. Scouts are a very comfortable armor set. Contact our Garrison Commander Tambo he can hook you up with scout armor.
  13. Greetings!

    Welcome to the MSG Daniel. Lots of us in and around Fort Campbell. Took a look at your model pics, thats pretty awesome!!!!! Look forward to getting to know you.
  14. Greetings troopers

    Welcome to the MSG, look forward to seeing you soon at an event
  15. Ready to get started in Nashville

    Welcome to the MSG Boards. Look forward to meeting you at an event soon