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    I'm a friend of a Midsouth Garrison member, working on a Snow Trooper costume, interested in joining.
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  1. We all know it was the MomoCon people.
  2. Where's all the White women at!

    Nah, he's Hancock.
  3. Forum has Alzheimers?

    I'm all about the Graphite skin. I don't feel a need to use the photo gallery, and I haven't been hanging out here as much lately because the vista skin confuses and frightens me. (And there hasn't been much news/updates on the G.I.Joe group stuff.)
  4. Hello from Cookeville, TN

    I'll be at ConNooga as well, but I doubt I'll have my snowtrooper done by then. Might borrow Ryan's Tusken Raider for a bit, though. Are there any 501st-specific events going on (other than the party) that I would miss out on if I didn't bring a Star Wars costume? We (Ryan, Essay and I) are probably coming down early Saturday morning and staying until Sunday.