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  1. Yeah, I'm back.

    Overdue, man. Overdue. Glad your all back, honestly. Far to long, and far too much time lost. Jeff, you deserve a proper roast, man. Well-meant Funny on purpose.
  2. Hello from a Merc

    Welcome to the MSG plastic-party-pool Seugtai! Kandosiil Beskar'gam! That AXE is MAD-wicked too!! They call me Dark here, but my brothers in the BMC call me Kais'Alfa! Welcome indeed!
  3. Hello from the Death Star

    Welcome to the plastic-party pit, Gina!
  4. Hello everyone!

    You came to the right star system, Shane. welcome indeed!
  5. Welcome to the plastic madness Jason! You hooked up with a couple of great troopers to help you get started!!
  6. Howdy Phil! Welcome indeed.
  7. Greetings from new member!

    Great Group of people here Brian, and we're excited to have your vibe. Welcome to the funbus. I promise to be nice to Jedi at the party.
  8. Back from the dead!

    Welcome back Jerry!
  9. hi

    Hey Joshua! Welcome to camp awesome! Best to tell you now, you won't be able to stop at just one uniform.. They're like super crispy potato chips.
  10. Jenn Andersson, Fort Campbell

    HOOOwWWWwwwDDDEEEEE! HEYY JENN!! Boy did I miss this by a mile... Sorry I didn't give a holler sooner! Kickass to have you on the forums!! Every memory you capture with your camera reaches the heart! Girl, you always bring a smile, even when your so tired you can hardly walk.. Awesome to finally have you here!!
  11. Introduction for Joseph Fyffe

    Thinkin' about you all day Joe. Sending you Smiles from all over the Garrison man. :D :D
  12. Congratulations on the opportunity, and vibe too you for a super smooth transition to town. Eager to meet you both! You got plenty of company up here in the hotrod department... lots of wheel-junkies about. Welcome to the MSG!
  13. Introduction for Joseph Fyffe

    Know west Liberty. Remember your town's trials from the storms, Joe. Admire you greatly for your service, and your community involvments, sir. Eager to meet you and see you get into a costume that makes you smile. And I wish you the very best during your procedure, with a great recovery. There will be plenty of cool stuff and folks to talk too when your ready.
  14. Just Wanted to say Hello

    Awesome to hear the news, JW! Jan/Feb is around the corner. Smooth Relocation & transition too you! There be no shortage of event opportunities to meet folks round here these days. Welcome back in advance, man.
  15. It's good to be here!

    Woot Woot!! The Empire just got a whole-lot Cooler! You've been a part of the family for years. Awesome awesome!