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  1. Greetings From Kentucky!

    Welcome aboard man, you sound like you would fit in perfect with all your interests. Have you seen us at any events around the area or maybe talked to us at an event?
  2. Saying Hey From Murray

    Welcome aboard man, Murry is a haul from most of the action in KY but it seems like its starting to pick up out west slowly. Keep an eye on the ecnts sections and look for prop parties that are going on. I know that Ed Gay has been hosting armor parties almost weekly, that would be a good place to get your hands on some different armor types and see what wiould work best for you and a talk to alot of the local people outside of an event.
  3. Welcome neighbor, hope to see you at some events soon. We are lacking rebels in this area, the Empire is strong inside MSG borders, a little variety will be nice.
  4. Lostagain Saying Howdy Hey From Ky

    Hey man, its always nice to see new faces. What costumes are you interested in?
  5. Greetings From Louisville!

    I actually have a DVD copy of low budget film made by a few local guys years back. Its called episode 4.5 or something like that. I believe its made by 21 productions. That wouldn't be the film your talking about would it?
  6. Greetings From Louisville!

    Welcome aboard man. If you need any help with Boba we have some guys here who have been around TDH for years. We have another guy in Lexington who is working on a Boba right now so he is probably pretty up to date on everything. Keep an eye on the forums, we have started having build parties around KY so we could always help you with any projects you have.
  7. Salutations To All In The Msg

    Im assuming Crows are shoes made by a prop/costume guy in the community. You can also modify a cheap pair of shoes from Payless Shoes and get away with them. Zap-A-Gap and Zip Kicker are special superglue and a quick curing agent. You can find them at most hobby shops like Hobby Town or Michaels crafts. Better check with someone else to see how much to get. I think you already have a pretty sweet pair of shoes to wear with the costume. They may not meet the costume requirements but pretty badass customs anyway.
  8. Congrats To Seth Wells Aka "zipsaw", Tk-10115!

    Awesome. Welcome to the family.
  9. Hello From Ky

    Welcome aboard. I'm sure brian will tell you all the great stories. Come hang out with us at LexCon.
  10. Hello From Ohio!

    I will post here also, I'm just trying to keep from posting on forums for our garrison, OH, Bloodfin and Tyrannus and any other garrison I get some response from.
  11. Hello From Ohio!

    Hey Jason, be sure to get in on the facebook group also. If you aren't already I can invite you. Most of the info will be posted there so that I don't have to post to several different garrison forums.
  12. Introduction Is In Order!

    Welcome aboard man. Eveyone else has given you some great info. If you can make it to LexCon we will have troops there from all over with lots of different costumes and different makes so you should be able to see most of the variations of the popular cosumtes there.
  13. Greetings

    Welcome aboard man, there are several troopers in your area so you should be able to dive in and have help with anything you need.
  14. New To The 501St Legion

    Dream big man. The guys up in Boston have a killer Jabba puppet/suit. I would love to see something like that here. Welcome aboard.
  15. Introducing: Kaity Clements!

    Sorry Kit, no ties to loan out. Yet. Hopefully we can have another one of these soon, maybe you can come to that one.