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  1. glad to have you Jon. Always working in my shop in Clarksville, you are welcome to build.
  2. Etown KY, standing by...

    Welcome Michael. I might be up in your neck of the woods the end of May for a WW2 re-enactment public battle on the 28th. Maybe we can link up for lunch.
  3. New from Clarksville

    Drop me a text (931) 237-2577. We are working on TIE suits and other stuff in my shop on Saturday. I'm in Clarksville.
  4. Returning to Fort Campbell

    Several Night stalkers and 101st guys here. I'm out on the compound. Drop me a text when you get here and we can meet up. (931)237-2577
  5. Hello from Clarksville

    What helmet, saber, boots etc.. do you have?
  6. Hello from Clarksville

    Welcome. Here in Clarksville also. LMK if you need some help.
  7. Yeah, I'm back.

    and you still have more posts then most of the people on here. Welcome back Loki.
  8. Dune Sea Garrison Transfer

    Glad to have you.
  9. Greetings from Radcliff!!

    Glad to have you.
  10. Long time out in the Cold

    Activate this trooper!!!! Mark we would love to have you back. I hope to see you in armor again soon, you are one of the first guys I met way back in the Southern Outpost days.
  11. Hello from Cincinnati

    Hey Barry, many of our troops will be attending the sept Cincinnati show like last year. Looking forward to trooping with Ohio Garrison as always.
  12. Alex I live in Clarksille and work for the 160th at Ft.Campbell as a instructor. Looking forward to meeting you when you return. We have several troopers in the Garrison that are Active and former military.
  13. Noob From Nashville (Area)

    Lots of us are old school, welcome.
  14. Reliable Info For A Newbie

    Most people build armor kits like Uncle said. Welcome to the group. What are the costumes you are interested in? We can help lead you to the products.
  15. New To The 501St

    Been in Clarksville since 96 and in the Legion a long time. Hope to meet up with you soon.
  16. Memphis Wookiee

    Have all your shots? Looking forward to meeting you.
  17. Hello From Sunny Korea!

    Army Guy myself. I still work as a instructor contractor on the base. Looking forward to meeting you. The Stormtrooper suit to me is the dream suit that many of us wanted when we were little. I've made a few in my years and make a bunch of other Imperial costumes in my garage.
  18. Lorri that is good news. You have come a long way and I know how much this means to you. I'm so proud to put on my armor with troopers like you. See you at the next event.
  19. Field Artillery cool deal.
  20. Glad to have you. Hope to troop with you soon.
  21. Welcome Anthony. What is your MOS? many of us are military down here.
  22. Welcome. Hope to meet you soon.