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  1. New guy from Kentucky

    Welcome, Joe! We meet at Heroes and Villains in Nashville. I was the Chewie. Your BB8 is most impressive. How long did he run that day on his batteries? Sent from my LGUS997 using Tapatalk
  2. Calendar function: Awesome

    Robbie. I'm assuming this is you since I saw or heard you mention it somewhere, but great work on the calendar event registration function. Very cool.
  3. I've tried clicking on it. I've tried marking the entire site as read. I've gone through my site settings. I've even browsed the topics in this forum. But I can't seem to get rid of the announcement that Robbie made back in July about upgrading the forums. What am I doing wrong?
  4. Robbie's "HEY!" Announcement: How do I turn it off?

    Well that's a relief. I thought it was just me that couldn't figure it out. Glad to know I'm not an idiot.
  5. Greetings from Louisville

    Excellent. How are you doing the make up? Matt Pfingsten
  6. Good topic. I'll add my two cents: A "budget costume" is simply the lower cost version of that costume, not the version that fits your budget. Another term for "low budget costume" is "high labor costume," I.e. the cheaper version usually needs the most work. The best first costume is one you really want to wear, not the quickest and cheapest one that the Legion will accept. At the same time, don't pick something that will take you a year or more to complete. There are no comfortable costumes. Costumes are either too hot or too cold.
  7. Yeah, I'm back.

    Welcome back, Roki
  8. Greetings from Memphis

    Welcome, Mark. The best thing to do right off the bat is help out as a handler at some local events. You'll meet your future garrison mates and get a better idea on what costumes you might want to do and where to get armor. Beware that many people who sell props and costumes are just out to take your money and deliver substandard products, are recasters, or other unsavory characters. Always get referrals and ask about a vendor's reputation before you buy. Pick a costume you really want to do; don't just pick the cheapest/easiest costume just to get in. That just takes time and money away from the costume you really want to do. At the same time don't get carried away and start with an "epic" costume that'll take forever to complete. The more advanced suits like Fett or Chewie take a year or more to get right. A good rule of thumb is to pick a costume that you can finish in three months or less with your current skills and resources. Good luck and welcome to the garrison!
  9. Long time out in the Cold

    Good to hear you from you, Mark. Glad to see you back in action. I've been inactive myself for several years now but hoping to get back into things soon. I hope to be trooping with you soon, just like old times.
  10. Old Friends, New Friends

    Welcome back, Joe. Lookin' forward to seeing your Anakin back in action.
  11. Continuous 301 error with Chrome

    Yep, been having that one for a while myself.
  12. Tapatalk for Android free on Amazon Appstore

    +1. I love Tapatalk.
  13. Hello all

    Excellent advice. Take it to heart. Don't just do a costume to get in the Legion, make sure you will enjoy making and wearing this costume, too. The topic of what makes a good first costume often comes up. Here is my advice: Pick something you will enjoy building, have fun wearing, and can be completed in less than 3-4 months. Once you are active and trooping you will have a regular source of motivation to finish the more advanced "dream" costumes. Your first costume should also require similar skills and tools to the next one you plan to make. You want to do Boba Fett? Consider a Sandtrooper as a first costume. Scratch build the backpack and blaster, and do all of the weathering yourself. The commercialization of this hobby has reached a point where you can buy almost everything and hire someone to do everything else, from armor to sewing to sculpting to painting. This will usually cost more than doing it yourself, but the real cost is the lost opportunity to learn something. The people that have built advanced costumes developed their skills in stages; each costume project builds on the skills earned on the last one. Good luck and welcome to the Legion.
  14. New to MidSouth Garrison TK6193

    Welcome. I'm from Oregon/Washington myself (the Portland/Vancouver area) and have trooped with both Garrison Titan (Torchlight Parade in 2006, and another parade in 2007) and Cloud City Garrison (closing weekend of WSMI at OMSI in Portland in 2007). Welcome to the MSG.
  15. Rookie

    Welcome back, Terri!
  16. Greetings

    Welcome! Jedi is a great first costume, it gets you in and trooping while you work on your rock star costume.
  17. Potential Vader needs some insight

    Also bear in mind that Vader is probably the hottest costume there is. We actually have a lot of folks in the garrison with Vader suits who wore them once or twice and just couldn't do them. You've got leather or vinyl all over you, with several layers of capes and heavy armor over that. Even when people open up the back and take all the tricks to try and improve air flow and make it cooler, it's still an oven.
  18. MSG skin not working

    It's not working for me, either. Just on the actual forum topics.
  19. Where's all the White women at!

    Tech, welcome back, again.
  20. tk 9589 damon here

    Very sorry to hear about the loss of your uncle, Damon. You know you can count on his for anything. Over the last year or so a lot of garrison members have started eating better and started an exercise regime or program of some sort, so you have plenty of experience to draw from in that department as well. Whatever you need, the MSG always delivers.
  21. Greetings from Denver

    Can't wait till you move here, Leah.
  22. Permission to come aboard?

    Welcome, Jody.
  23. Greetings from Garrison Titan

    Welcome. I'm from the Portland/Vancouver area originally. My family still lives up there and I visit them about once a year. I've trooped a few times with Garrison Titan. Once in the 2006 Torchlight Parade and again at a parade in 2007 north of Seattle. Is the "best Vader in the 501st" still active up there? I also trooped the closing weekend for WSMI at OMSI back in early 2007, although that's Cloud City Garrison territory.
  24. I'll be there in the Wookiee tomorrow. Feel free to introduce yourself.
  25. Finally a member

    So now you're officially crazy.