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  1. Salutations

    Howdy, Tom! Good to see you again.
  2. An introduction from your newest CC

    That's a modification they made on Kamino to make it harder for a Jedi to disconnect a clone from his head. No neck, no lightsaber slash.
  3. Heya Folks - AL Garrison

    This from the guy with a black frilly corset in his trunk & who married Z-Man so long ago.
  4. Howdy!

    Actually aside from the occasional tag there is no gang activity in my part of Antioch. BTW, I talked with a friend of mine and there is a co-ed league of Hockey at the Nashville Sportsplex. Bolts suck now it's time for you to become a Predators fan. One of these seasons we'll actually win the first rounds of the Playoffs.
  5. Heya Folks - AL Garrison

    Hi ya, Beth! It was fun running around with you at D*C. I haven't totally ignored the email you sent me, just been lazy about it is all. I know, bad excuse, I will try to work on a better one. Hope to see you at a future troop.
  6. Howdy!

    Welcome again Crystal! So did you decide to move to Franklin? Too rich for my blood, but Antioch isn't too bad. I've been there +5 years now and you just have to remember not to look the gang member in the eye. LOL Hope to see you at a future event!