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  1. Happiest of All Birthdays to you, John!!

  2. Playing in your back yard

    Thank you! Jon, there are no dark corners...
  3. I've been playing in your back yard for years, as of last night it's also my backyard. I could not in good conscience continue to look you, my friends in your eyes, and remain apart. I will always be GT, it's all I've know for 11 years, but it's time for me to be also be MidSouth. Thank you for your patience. John
  4. John, I would like to personally invite you and your R2 to our troop in Kingston on 6/18. There is a small indoor lobby area and a nice smooth patio type entrance that I think would give R2 a smooth ride. We would live for you to come out.


  5. Not sure if it actually is a theme, or an upgrade, but it's much nicer. Thanks!
  6. is still working on R2