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  1. New girl from martin

    Thanks a lot Loki, you ass :'(
  2. New girl from martin

    So when i said "for the love of god stop, i can actually feel it in my ass crack" that counted as permission?
  3. New girl from martin

    Did he get pics of you violating me?
  4. New girl from martin

    Give him my number so he can send me all those pics he took
  5. New girl from martin

    Lando was a gentleman as always even if a bit sauced. Besides i now know the key to this lady's heart. Join her while she's talking to her friends then Flip a box of Magic the Gathering cards in the air while telling dead baby jokes.
  6. TECH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Where's all the White women at!

    I'm Puerto Rican Mange
  8. Where's all the White women at!

    That IS true but what I was talkin about was at COSI when the Southern Outpost took over a dark "room" in the BIG YUMMY and we said to the Great and Powerful Tambo "We need light" and with the smell of Resin we had light. No not a resin cast lamp or flood light but LIGHT MADE OF RESIN, beautiful golden bubbleless RESIN
  9. Where's all the White women at!

    Man now i know how Tambo felt about all the stories we had about his Resin casting Sunlight that time at COSI
  10. is back and better than ever!

  11. Hey, I feel I need to introduce myself seeing as how I've been gone for so long. Tech Wilkerson TK-8324 I have a TK and now a Clone Trooper I live in Murfreesboro TN For those that don't know I'm THE ONLY BLACK TROOPER as in African American not Shadow Trooper for at least 4 states I was part of the group WAY back when we were still The Southern Outpost. I disappered shortly after the split due to divorce and other crap in my life. I've TRIED to come back a few time but I've not stuck it out. So far I've done 501st events almost every weekend for the last 2-3 months (trooping and hanging with Troopers in Civies) I've missed everyone SO MUCH and its great to see that I've be welcomed back like the Prodigal son. the Love is just a strong if not stronger for me, feels GREAT. For people that haven't met me but heard about me, whatever was said is probally true I dont have Internets so i wont post that much but I'm out there Troopin my butt off so I'll probaly see you if you're out there too