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  1. The FX buckets can be a mixed bag these days, when somebody buys 'em off EvilBay there's no telling who pulled 'em. None of the parts fit together, the last one I put together for a guy spent plenty of time under the heat gun to re-shape and un-warp the thing, not to mention the dremeling. Then in the same kit the ear pieces were WAYY too short, and turned about 60 degrees. More heat. James, remember the weatherstripping that goes across the front (brow trim) can be bought at any hardware store. Just know that it's not "monkey-bite" proof.
  2. New guy in 'Nooga

    Yeah, what everybody else said. Welcome. Come to Bug-a-palooza and bring your armor. If it's assistance you want, then ask and you shall receive!
  3. says "Hmmmmm...."

  4. Hi from a new member

    Welcome to the Dark Side! We have done a TON of events since the ones you mentioned. The squad doesn't have actual "meetings" we talk on here, and "meet" at the events. Come on out and introduce yourself.
  5. Greetings from Denver

    Welcome! ...You know you want to join the Dark Side!
  6. Awesome awesome AWESOME Bossk!!!!! Welcome to the fun!
  7. Greetings from Alabama!

    If the promo was half as good as the real event, there's no way this isn't going to ROCK!!!
  8. Hey! Whatup Monk!!! Glad to see you here. Oh yea, here ya go...
  9. 'Bout time you showed up.... No, seriously, welcome, danbakeronline....
  10. The Bacara looks awesome (as do the dewbacks that snuck into this thread- ) Great work!!!
  11. Isn't that somewhat uncomfortable? Why can't anyone on CS spell the word "public" properly?
  12. Greetings All

    Welcome Jeff!!
  13. Finally a member

    Welcome to the Fun-er (Dark) side!!! Here's your cookies...
  14. Howdy!

    Hello and welcome!