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  1. TK-6875 is Official!

    Good Deal Joe!! Congratulations.
  2. CT 8231 is official!

    Congrats Robbie!!
  3. waiting for approval

    Good Deal!!
  4. What happened today?

    I'm good.. had to clear my cookies & cache in Chrome.
  5. What happened today?

    Any ETA on when the problem will be fixed??
  6. What happened today?

    Unless you were in the military there really were not any even any BBS Boards back then. Maybe 1990...
  7. What happened today?

    I'm curious on what the cause of the outage was today. I know I have seen intermittent problems for a couple weeks now but today the forums were down for a while. I noticed that the domain (midsouthgarrison.com) was up and the forums were down and since the forum software was originally installed on clonewurx.com (or something similar) I'm guessing there was a pointer dns entry for the forums and the host for clonewurx had some problems.. but who knows.. I'm just curious what as to what caused our outage today.
  8. The Average Joe has arrived....

    What's up Joe!
  9. Great to see another TK in the MSG!!
  10. New guy in 'Nooga

    Hey Rick, I live in Ooltewah.. if you would like to check my TK for reference shoot me a pm.
  11. still has not set their status

  12. Greetings from new CT 6324

    Hi Dustin, Glad to see you made it to the boards. Didn't you make it to the Knoxville Boo at the Zoo in October?
  13. Hey all

    Welcome aboard Kirk!! Chattacon is next month if you have the time to make a trip to Chattanooga it is a great party!
  14. Greetings from Oz

    Hey Scotty.. Good to see you here. We have done some coin transactions in the past. Hope you enjoy the site and if you ever get the chance to come to the states you should look at the first weekend in September and come to Dragon*Con!!
  15. Welcome Luke! I think we met at the Knoxville Boo at the zoo.