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    All sorts of things interest me, but I will name a few, My wife, My two boys, soccer, coaching young ones, at one time I played alot of paintball ( getting too old), I love a good Irish Pub and a great laugh. Thats all for now.

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  1. Memphis Wookiee

    YES WELCOME We can use many more Wookies. Welcome Welcome
  2. Introducing: Kaity Clements!

    Welcome and We will see ya soon, I am sure. Start easy, then blow one up. can't wait to hear some new ideas.
  3. New To The 501St Legion

    Hello There and Welcome to the party. I am getting into this large prop stuff...are you talking about a movable Rancor...puppet or some one inside ????? I would like to hear your thoughts... ( NOT TO STEAL ) but for planning other ideas.
  4. HEY HEY We DON'T speak all that KLINGON stuff around here. Plain jane english is our prefered. Thank you very much
  5. Hi

    Hello there good to have you.......I too miss Diego, I loved it there , just too pricey. Hope to meet you soon.
  6. Hi all!

    WELCOME Hope to see you around soon, it is always good to meet new blood.
  7. Hi guys I'm Zac

    Hey Zac, I have lots of clone parts ( no helmets ) laying around. I have a clone and a mando in the works....tons of stuff to stir up good questions and give you some thoughts and direction. I live in Clarksville, just off exit 1 or 4 ( I-24). If you are this way on Fridays or Saturdays give me a yell. Ph# 931-920-8600 I have a complete set of Atin's clone armor I would be willing to sell, if you are interested. Later and Good Luck
  8. Back from the dead!

    Hey There Jerry, If that is what you like... I think it will be a bit weird for all of us at first but I am sure we will get use to the SL ( Slave Leia ) armor. I just don't remember her wearing armor. HA HA HA
  9. Jenn Andersson, Fort Campbell

    HEY THERE LADY, Good to hear from you again and tell Dan and Kiwi I said <<<<< HEY >>>>>
  10. Hello from Clarksville/Fort Campbell

    Hey There, Welcome to the area. If you need any pointers on the area please don't hesitate to ask. What part of town do you stay or are you on post? Just asking, because I am building a custom and I never refuse construstive crits. aI live between exit 1 and 4 just off I24. Later
  11. Greetings from Franklin, TN

    Welcome to the MidSouth. If you are ever in Clarksville give some of us a yell and we can help you out.
  12. Su'cuy from Clarksville

    Hey There, Welcome. If you are interested in seeing a Clone in progress and other costumes. Give me a yell. I live between exit 1 and 4 off I24. Later, Stew 920-8600
  13. In the Nashville area.

    Welcome, hope you have as much fun as you can stand.........I am loving it. Always good to meet new people and have new troopers. Hope to see you in Clarksville....this weekend.......oh no gotta get my stuff ready. Later
  14. I am ready to TROOP somewhere in the AC.......