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  1. West Knoxville

    Welcome. I am from Crossville, but lived in Kingston most of my life. There are many of us in this area. If you need anything please shoot me a pm.
  2. New recruit

    Welcome to the madness. Where are you located?
  3. Mando Merc joining up with the 501st as a TK

    Glad to have you. Met one of you mercs in Crossville last night. He is looking to build a stormtrooper as well. As I stated before, it is always great to add new members.
  4. Hello to my long lost kin folk

    Welcome. Jim and I are great friends. I grew up in rockwood and lived in Kingston for 7 years as well. Recently moved to Crossville. We have 5 or 6 members inkingston area. Get the armor and we can do a prop party at jims or my house. If you need anything pm me and we can get this ball rolling. Justin