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  1. I'm Official!

    Welcome to the family!
  2. Greetings

    Hello! Its been great talkin with you and cant wait to get you out trooping with us.
  3. Greetings from new CT 6324

    Congrats and its about dang time.
  4. Introductions

    It is about time bro! I ran into Jason at a Halloween party at his club last year and was blown away by the way he assembled it without knowing anyone in the 501st or having done things like this before.Top notch quality. Anyone looking for how to build a great tk should look at his. Looking forward to many more troops with ya.
  5. CC 5288 Bacara at your service!

    It sure has been the summer of late nite prop parties ,some productive and some not. We had alot of good times and a few not so good. I sure wasnt the one who started the whole seamless thing.LOL. No really! All I have to say is congrats ! You stuck to your guns and did it at the pace and quality you wanted and it really shows .Even if it seemed I was trying to push you the whole way to get you done! I truely believe it wouldve turnd out just as good had I never laid hands on it. Im glad we have become such good friends and believe we will be for a long time to come. We are definately going to celebrate big just as soon as Chris is done and approved. Heres to good friends , great clones and good times. Hard work does not guarantee success, but without hardwork you will never be successful.
  6. An introduction from your newest CC

    Congrats Luke. Damn what a summer of armor building. Theres are a lot of blood sweat and tears in that suit. Luke did an amazing job of taking instruction and watching and learning . Definately great to have you nearby to troop with. Luke has already trooped 4 troops in a month. Job well done friend. Ouch 5111 ! Dont make me come bust a bottle in your movie premiere .LOL .too late hell yes there will be a clone detachment. Im working up potential logos as we speak.