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    My son Atom Ray,Star Wars fan for 30 years, Trooping, Cons, & Charity events are awesome,

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    SL/TR-2995 of the 501st Vader's fist, MSG, Star Wars fan for 30 years,
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  1. Yeah, I'm back.

    Cookies? I want bacon welcome back.
  2. Hello from Franklin, TN!

    Was good to meet you Sat.
  3. Mandalorian In The Tri-Cities

    Welcome welcome
  4. Old Friends, New Friends

    Welcome back Joe great to her from you
  5. I would like to welcome & congradulate our newest member to the 501st Cathy Richter A/K/A Lord Zannah, SL-9379 Darth Traya.
  6. Happy New Years!

  7. Posting from Lexington, Kentucky

    Greetings Nick, i'm also in the Lexington area, welcome aboard.
  8. a change would be nice
  9. TECH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Who Lives In A Pineapple Under The Sea..... Nobody....Because Of BP

  11. Oya from Kentucky!

    Greetings Darryl, K-Fett here, Welcome to the boards, good to see you here, like Skip said bunch of us is going to WONDERFEST In May, hopefully you can make it.
  12. Howdy!

  13. Party still on this sat?

  14. Hey dude! We are definitely still on tour...as a matter of fact, we haven't stopped in over 2 years :-P Hopefully we'll be able to get more gigs out in your neck of the woods cuz we have to hang out afterwards at a Huddle House again!