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  1. Yes, I was the one that referred her here. She is a fantastic gamer, and team player. Welcome Anqi to the MSG !!!. I've been here ever since we were the "Southern Outpost". She is a wonderful young lady, and she's looking to join us here, and possibly buy or make her own costume. If anyone here could give her any help or ideas, I'd greatly appreciate it. I also need to be re-activated here once again.

  2. Could you please clarify when and where, as we'd really like to be there. As I cannot see the proper forums where these events are posted. As the calendar is blank for December.

    Will they be posted on the MSG facebook page ?.

    And thank you Raychel for your response and reply. It really is appreciated. :)

  3. I believe they are not really updating the calendar now, the just list the events in the forum. I think they have to give you access to see it. If you need any help getting your gear ready for approval, I am happy to help. I am in Franklin, but do not mind driving some.

    Ah, I see. Thank you for that clarification. And thank you also for your offer for assistance, it is appreciated. My TK is still fine, although my poor blasters needs some work. My Tie is barely acceptable. I still need to get the proper boots, gloves, and shoulder patches. (as you can see above in my first post in this thread of my official "piccy" on the 501st. site. It doesn't look bad, but it just needs the proper final equipment).

    We've always wanted to get my wife a proper Imperial Naval trooper uniform, but even though I can sew a little, my skills are nowhere up to snuff for that costume. I have the proper patterns, and the pages on how to adapt it into a DST (Death Star Trooper). But Tambo was kind enough to makes us a great offer for the proper helmet.

    I hated getting out of trooping, but our car just wasn't safe enough back then, and all the events were just so far away. And then I became very active in my Star Wars gaming Clan. I am a senior member there. I am a personal advisor to the Emperor (Our Clanleader), as well as the Imperial Sentinel there (I handle all interclan and member disputes and problems, and having over 2,000 members, that keeps me very busy.) so for the past seven years, I regrettably had to let trooping with the 501st. go. Not because we wanted to, but we just couldn't afford it.

    But now we're at a point where once again I can stand proudly in person in the glorious armor of the Galactic Empire. We lately had a post on my Clansite where one of our members that's also in the 501st. got to be onstage with Wierd Al with his group. And it reminded me just how much we miss this, and all the truly great people involved with this fantastic group of men and women.

    What the 501st. does is truly magical, and I saw this once again when I saw the post on the homepage here on just how much money y'all raised for those poor kids that need help so badly. And I'm simply amazed at just how much this group has grown over all these years. I am so proud of all of you for carrying on the tradition that founded this great group.

    Both Daz (Sarah, my wife) and myself are looking forward to get the chance to meet all these wonderfull new people here.

    What makes the 501st.great, and the people here, is their combined gifts of kindess, and being so beyond welcoming.

    And myself, and so many others; thank you for it.

  4. We recently had to take a trip driving to Memphis, and it got Sarah and myself talking about how much we both missed trooping, and I'd really like to get the ball rolling on this again.

    I was looking in the calendar section for December, and I noticed there was nothing scheduled for December. Is the MSG no longer doing any parades or such anymore ?.

    I'd really like to know if there are any members close by here in north east TN. I see that Jon and Rose are still up here. I also added the MSG facebook page also.

    I saw that Hammer is no longer active, I don't know about Drax and his lady.

    Anyhoo, Just wanted to say hi, and hope to see some of you soon hopefully.

  5. Hi everyone, Des here.

    I used to active here waaay back when all of you here were the "Southern Outpost".

    I am listed "Non-Active" in the 501st. under TI/TK-7865.


    Then life stepped in, I had changed jobs several times, bought a house and an art gallery (which then absorbed ALL of our money. Period.), and then my POS car broke down, and we had to soak up alot of money in our house to finish remodelling it; and start saving up money to buy a car that wasn't a POS.

    We just now finally got everything under control and actually have a new car that we don't have to worry about breaking down going to an event. I know that Jon still remembers us, as well as Drax and Skip.

    Now that we have a truly decent vehicle, I'm looking forward to being able to become "active" again.

    We live in Crossville, which is in between Nashville and Knoxville, and very close to Cookeville.

    I used to be an avid Star Wars fan, and my art studio is literally filled with Star Wars toys and stuff (Star Wars Lego's rule !!!! even if they are too darn expensive now), And when they were out, I was a stone cold killer on Star Wars Battlefront 1 & 2. I am a hard core Star Wars gamer.

    Also, if any of you are gamers for the 360 or PS3, please hit me up on my Star Wars based gamerclan: http://www.darksidealliance.com . That's not a website pimp I'd absolutely LOVE to get my game on with ya'll online and get the chance to get to know you all until I can troop with you all once again.

    Lord knows I've dearly missed trooping with you all. It is truly a good thing, and great for the soul.

    I've been looking through the posts, and Jon, I must say as an artist, your skills have grown, and your work is really amazing. And Tambo, same there. Well done Sir.

    Take care and God bless you all, and we truly look forward to meeting all the great people here that have joined since I was forced to leave. I am really astounded to see the level of talent and artistry that this group has formed over the years.

    And Skip, Dude, you will ALWAYS rule in what you do.